Why The Portman Law Firm?

James D. Portman is the principal lawyer of the firm. He has over 22 years of litigation, arbitration and trial experience. Like few others, Mr. Portman has specialized knowledge of the securities industry which he obtained as an industry "insider."

Most lawyers practice who practice in the specialized field of securities litigation do not have any first hand experience of actually working in the securities industry.

For over 13 years, Mr. Portman worked in the securities industry – he knows how the industry works and importantly, he knows what the brokerage firms don’t want you to know and how they can act in their own interests, not yours. Mr. Portman knows the "ins and outs" and "tricks of the trade" of your broker and brokerage firm.

Specifically, Mr. Portman was the head of the legal department (as General Counsel) of a substantial brokerage firm with offices on the West Coast. He also acted as the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer, supervising and managing:



  • Over 150 registered brokers,
  • 12 branch office managers,
  • Fixed income, equity and mutual fund trading departments,
  • Product due diligence committees,
  • Fixed income (municipal bond) underwriting,
  • Product research/development
  • Advertising, and
  • Clearing operations (securities transaction, including margin).

Mr. Portman was responsible for all aspects of regulatory compliance for the firm, including developing firm rules and procedures, known as Written Supervisor Procedures. Mr. Portman handled all of the firm’s FINRA arbitration and regulatory matters.

Vast industry experience combined with erudite trial and arbitration skill, makes The Portman Law Firm your best choice for effective representation in securities disputes.